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Gay Marriage LLC News August 2010

31Aug/106:26 PM

Video: It's Your Dime: Pricey Annual Reports

In this edition of It’s Your Dime, Fox 29 Investigative Reporter Jeff Cole takes a look a something you have probably never seen or read, but are paying for with your taxes and tolls.
31Aug/105:35 PM

Video: Homeowners get help from NACA

Homeowners get help from NACA
31Aug/105:11 PM

Video: those who heat with electric homes fight for lower rates

all electric home owners fight for lower rates
31Aug/1011:39 AM

Video: More Information About the Suspect Kenneth Ward

Stanislaus County court records show in 2000, Ward and his wife both attempted suicide, suffocated their pets, and wrote anti-gay and anti-Mormon slurs on their apartment walls.
31Aug/105:53 AM

Video: Iceland Defends Right to Fish in Mackerel Row with U.K.: Video

Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Ryan Chilcote reports on a dispute between Iceland and the U.K. over mackerel fishing quotas and the risk the row may affect the North Atlantic nation's bid to join the European Union. (Source: Bloomberg)
31Aug/101:05 AM

Video: Valley cities make plans for medical marijuana

"A normal citizen that does not have their medical card is not even going to be allowed to step foot in there.
31Aug/1012:03 AM

Video: What Can You Do About Your Retirement?

Retirement is something everyone should look forward to. But in reality, any people are terrified because they haven't saved enough and they'll have to change their lifestyle.
30Aug/108:06 PM

Video: Health Care On The Cheap Could Cost You

More and more Americans are bypassing regular visits to the doctor's office to save a buck.
30Aug/106:15 PM

Video: New Programs for Homeowners

The government is rolling out new programs to help homeowners.
28Aug/106:11 PM

Video: New Missouri laws go into effect

New laws including some regarding strip clubs and DWI's goes into effect today.
27Aug/108:08 PM

Video: Foreclosure or short sale? Which hurts your credit most?

Both gives your credit a hit for about 7-years, but one real estate attorney says one is much worse.
27Aug/106:15 PM

Video: Fliers Reignite Hate Debate In Covington

Anti-gay fliers were posted throughout the MainStrasse area of Covington on Thursday, reigniting a debate over hate in the community. Brian Hamrick reports.
26Aug/1011:05 PM

Video: Gay candidate receives death threat

A candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives says he's received a death threat. The threat, that came in a letter, references Dan Manning's run for office and the fact that he's gay.
26Aug/105:58 PM

Video: Evidence in Merhige case made public

Evidence in Merhige case made public
25Aug/106:11 PM

Video: Day care center may lose license

Day care center may lose license
25Aug/106:03 PM

Video: New information on battle between PSL police and mayor

New information on battle between PSL police and mayor
25Aug/108:44 AM

Video: Gansler Joins Craigslist Fight

Maryland is one of the states pushing for a change in Craigslist's adult services.
24Aug/106:01 PM

Video: Former Employee Sue Anne Arundel County Executive

A former employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold.
24Aug/104:21 AM

Video: Italian Tax Inspectors Track Down Cheats at the Beach

Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Elliott Gotkine reports on Italy's crackdown on tax cheats. The summer holidays are an ideal hunting season for tax inspectors to target marinas, restaurants and resorts.
23Aug/105:00 PM

Video: Tiger Woods and wife divorce

Tiger Woods and wife divorce
22Aug/1011:48 PM

Video: Rallies Over Mosque Near Ground Zero Get Heated

The proposed mosque near ground zero drew hundreds of fever-pitch demonstrators Sunday, with opponents carrying signs associating Islam with blood, supporters shouting, "Say no to racist fear!" and American flags waving on both sides. (Aug. 22)
20Aug/105:30 PM

Video: Ohio family sues school in bullying case

The family of a 16-year-old girl who committed suicide is suing her Ohio school, accusing officials of failing to stop relentless bullying by classmates prior to her death.
19Aug/108:04 PM

Video: Pot Resolution

A city councilman will ask that voters be allowed to decide on medical marijuana dispensaries.
19Aug/105:03 PM

Video: McDermott Loan Probe

Joseph Catalano was a minor witness for the prosecution in the 2006 trial of Christopher Porco. But a report released Thursday by the New York State inspector general indicates he did a pretty big favor for Albany County's then lead prosecutor, Mike McDermott.
18Aug/1012:58 AM

Video: EXCLUSIVE: Utah police chiefs meet to talk immigration bills

17Aug/1010:07 PM

Video: Mother files suit against seventh grade bully

A mother files for a restraining order against a 7th grade boy after she says her son was bullied and assaulted at a Mooresville school.
17Aug/106:00 PM

Video: Blagojevich Guilty on Just 1 Count

A federal jury found former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty on Tuesday of one count of lying to federal agents, and the judge said he intends to declare a mistrial on the remaining counts. (Aug. 17)
17Aug/1012:03 PM

Video: California gays must wait to wed

Gay couples who had been gearing up to get married in California this week had to put their wedding plans on hold once again.
17Aug/101:05 AM

Video: Sheriff Arpaio facing deadline to turn over documents

He’s being investigated for civil rights violations
16Aug/106:15 PM

Video: Man made marijuana gets the boot

Police say it's man-made marijuana - legal and easy to get because it's sold as incense.
16Aug/108:23 AM

Video: HP Board Said to Turn Against Hurd After Settlement: Video

Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Hewlett-Packard Co.’s Mark Hurd surprised the board by settling a sexual-harassment claim before directors could learn more about the incident, a final breach of trust that contributed to his ouster as chief executive officer. Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports.(Source: Bloomberg)
15Aug/108:50 AM

Video: New Tax Laws

New Tax Laws