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16Oct/109:21 PM

Video: Group Protests Manhattan Declaration

A gay rights protest was held in front of a valley church Saturday, but it was held by other churches.
15Oct/1010:21 PM

Video: Councilman to Bullied: It Gets Better

A Fort Worth City Council member’s speech to bullied teens has gone viral. Councilman Joel Burns wants youth, especially gay teens, to know life gets better.
15Oct/108:55 PM

Video: Gay Councilman's Emotional Plea to Bullied Teens

A city councilman in Fort Worth, Texas, has rocketed into cyberspace prominence in a video pleading with gay teens not to commit suicide and tearfully recounting his own ordeals as a bullied schoolboy. (Oct. 15)
15Oct/108:13 PM

Video: Whitewater Students Rally To Raise Awareness Of Hate Crimes

UW-Whitewater students rally after a woman was punched in the face while wearing a T-shirt that said "Legalize gay."
15Oct/105:45 PM

Video: Congressional Debate: Gay Rights

14Oct/1010:04 PM

Video: UT holds hate crimes vigil

Students at the University of Toledo gathered outside the student union Thursday in hopes of drawing awareness to those who have been victims of hate crimes. The annual candlelight vigil event is organized by Spectrum UT, the college's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender group.
14Oct/109:50 PM

Video: Councilman to Bullied: It Gets Better

A Fort Worth City Council member’s speech to bullied teens has gone viral. Councilman Joel Burns wants youth, especially gay teens, to know life gets better.
14Oct/108:48 PM

Video: Lawyers: Anti-gay Attack Suspects Are 'Innocent'

Attorneys for the suspected gang members, accused of participating in what's being called New York City's worst case of anti-gay violence in recent memory, say their clients are innocent. The ten suspects are charged with various hate crimes. (Oct. 14)
14Oct/107:41 PM

Video: Fort Smith Teen Suspended Over T-Shirt Trouble

A Fort Smith couple demanded change Wednesday after they say their 15-year-old daughter was suspended for wearing clothes that support gay pride.
14Oct/107:29 PM

Video: Bullying in Focus of Special Session?

The fight over gay bullying gets political. A date is set for the special session to help flood victims. There's a special session this Monday for recent flood victims that opens the flood gates for some lawmakers to try and introduce anti-bullying legislation. Some Democratic lawmakers want to change the law after several gay kids have killed themselves both at home and across the country.
14Oct/1010:06 AM

Video: Anti-Bullying Vigil at Loring Park

A candlelight vigil is planned for Thursday night at Loring Park in Minneapolis following recent incidents of bullying of young, gay students, some leading to suicide.
13Oct/1011:37 PM

Video: Rabbi Withdraws Support of Paladino

A Brooklyn rabbi who says he helped write the speech that Carl Paladino gave to Orthodox leaders on Sunday that contained anti-gay remarks is withdrawing his support for the GOP candidate for governor. The rabbi says it is because Paladino apologized for those remarks under pressure from his family. Paladino said he has a nephew who is gay.
13Oct/1011:08 PM

Video: FOX 2 Focus: The Issue of Gay Bullying

Is hate free speech? Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell's cyber attack on U of M Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong is one of several recent stories involving gay bullying. Sadly, the other headlines involve gay teenagers who have taken their own lives after enduring malicious pranks, cruel words and physical threats or abuse.
13Oct/109:14 PM

Video: Local Gay Teens Battle Bullying Together

Teenagers attending high school in one city say gay-related bullying isn't a problem there. But they see the need for something to be done.
13Oct/107:41 PM

Video: Carl Paladino Collects Rent from Gay Bars

13Oct/105:11 PM

Video: Paladino rented space to gay nightclubs

A day after his apology to the gay community for his controversial comments, new details are emerging about the governor candidate's business ventures.
13Oct/102:35 PM

Video: Brewer Campaign Manager Posts Apology

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's campaign manager is apologizing to anyone offended by his suggestion that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard is gay.
13Oct/102:31 PM

Video: Paladino's Gay Nephew 'Offended'

Carl Paladino's openly gay nephew -- whom the New York Republican gubernatorial candidate points to as proof he is not a homophobe -- said he was "very offended" by his uncle's remarks about gay people, the New York Post reported Wednesday.
13Oct/1011:21 AM

Video: Vets react to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' suspension

Opponents of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy have won a 17-year battle, at least in the courts. A federal judge in California has issued a comprehensive injunction stopping enforcement of the controversial policy. That seemingly ends the military's ban against openly gay troops, which was put in place in 1993. Gay rights organizations are applauding after Judge Virginia Phillips declared the law was unconstitutional. Government attorneys have 60 days to appeal.
13Oct/107:17 AM

Video: Judge Puts Halt to 'don't Ask Don't Tell' Policy

A federal judge has ordered the military to immediately stop enforcing the policy 'don't ask, don't tell', which bans openly gay troops from serving in the military. (Oct. 13)