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Gay Marriage LLC News Law and Legal Issues

29Oct/108:49 PM

Video: Midland School Board member resigns

Clint McCance's apology on CNN Thursday night ended what started on Facebook, when the Midland School Board member posted he would only support gay pride is if all gays committed suicide.
29Oct/106:10 PM

Video: Contra la adopción de las parejas homosexuales

Fue hasta hace poco que se levant la prohibición. Pero no todos estan de acuerdo. La union debe ser entre un hombre y una mujer, aseguran algunos. Los niños deben crecer en se ambiente al menos esa es la opinion de ciertos sectores. Esa es la postura de algunos grupos en la Florida Central y estan activamente tratando de revertir la ley. Pero hasta el dia de hoy la adopción entre personas del mismo sexo es una realidad.
29Oct/1010:16 AM

Video: Sage Aesthetics

Marilyn Underwood, Gay Abrahamson and Chris Gruttemeyer talk about weight lose success!
29Oct/106:02 AM

Video: kleefisch questioned

by own family over gay marriage comments
28Oct/108:57 PM

Video: Anti-Gay Controversy at Arkansas School

There are calls for the resignation of Pleasant Plains school board member, Cint McCance. But also, signs for support.
28Oct/107:51 PM

Video: Rebecca Kleefisch's gay uncle talks about her recent comments

Rebecca Kleefisch's gay uncle talks about her recent comments
28Oct/106:11 PM

Video: La adopción de parejas del mismo sexo

La comunidad gay se anoto una victoria el mes pasado. Tras décadas de prohibición, un fallo judicial cambio el panorama de las adopciones. Justamente conoceremos hoy a una pareja muy especial. Son dos mujeres que buscan ahora ser madres.
28Oct/105:31 PM

Video: Gay Marriage Issue Enters 44th Senate Seat Race

Candidates for 44th State Senate seat clash on gay marriage question.
28Oct/109:58 AM

Video: Arkansas education dept. condemns anti-gay remarks

The Arkansas Department of Education has condemned anti-gay messages purportedly posted by a north Arkansas school board member on Facebook.
27Oct/1011:37 PM

Video: LGBT Group's Homecoming Float Vandalized

The University of Central Missouri says it is investigating whether vandalism to a float from a lesbian, gay and transgender advocacy group was a hate crime. KMBC 9's Dan Weinbaum reports.
27Oct/108:28 PM

Video: Governor's Debate: Gay Rights

Candidates for governor answer a question about same-sex marriage.
27Oct/101:42 PM

Video: Tom Barrett talks MPS, gay marriage, jobs

27Oct/1012:34 PM

Video: Charges Dropped for 3 in NYC Anti-gay Attacks

New York prosecutors dropped charges against three people accused of taking part in anti-gay attacks on four people, citing a lack of evidence. Eight other people remain accused in the case. (Oct. 27)
26Oct/1011:00 PM

Video: Capital Region Muslims and gays call for an end to violence

The pain over an assault this weekend continues to unravel. Now the local gay and Muslim communities are teaming up to mend fences and move forward.
26Oct/107:41 PM

Video: Rebecca Kleefisch beliefs in traditional marriage upsets gay rights advocates

26Oct/107:24 PM

Video: Gay Social Network To Bridge Gap

New website aims to create equality between the gay and the straight communities.
26Oct/102:10 PM

Video: Rebecca Kleefisch talks about gay marriage

26Oct/1010:49 AM

Video: Judge Jeanine Pirro: Oct. 26

Gay couples do not have the legal right to sponsor a spouse from another country. In one case, Henry Velandia and Josh Vandiver are hoping an immigration judge in Newark makes an exception. Good Day NY asked Judge Jeanine Pirro to weigh in on the case.
26Oct/109:17 AM

Video: MN Victim's Mother, Feds Battle Bullying

The war on bullying in American schools is being backed by a Minnesota victim's mother, and now the federal government. But is it enough to cut-down on bullying, especially against students who may be gay?
25Oct/1011:02 PM

Video: Anti-gay marriage group can't run ads

A group that's against gay marriage and supports Carl Paladino won't be able to run its ads on local airwaves.